Yarrangobilly Underworld

The Yarrangobilly Caves is located between Tumut and Cooma and features some of the most beautiful limestone caves in Australia.  The stunning backdrop of the caves is the inspiration for the Yarrangobilly Underworld series.

Yarrongabilly Caves 

From design concept to completion, the Yarrangobilly Underworld I bangle has been a labour of love.

Yarrangobilly sterling silver boulder opal black and white diamond bracelet

The majesty of the caves is depicted in the structure of the sterling silver bangle.  The black (HT) and white diamonds add the sparkle that the caves produce from the water.  The centre piece is a 12.97ct Queensland boulder opal which captures the beauty of the caves.

Yarrangobilly sterling silver bracelet with black and white diamonds and boulder opal

The Yarrangobilly Underworld II ring captures the tranquility of the water through the use of the Aquamarine Dreamscape TM cut with the ripple and depth of the caves being captured through the black (HT) and white diamonds.