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Regeneration I

Regeneration I

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Many in NSW, Australia will remember the Christmas period of 2019/2020 as a time of challenge. 

The bushfires that swept our countryside left a wake of destruction, terrible grief and a tremendous loss of wildlife.

From our city perspective, 50km away from one edge of the flames, the skies were orange, the smoke was thick.  The people coming in from the affected areas were haunted, exhausted but never defeated.

Once the ground had cooled a little, my partner and I took a drive part way into the Snowy Mountains. We were shocked by the blackened vista and amazed at the tenacity of those who stayed to successfully fight for their homes in the midst of such an inferno.

We witnessed the charred remains of treasured forest land but were inspired by the signs of life in amongst the fallen debris. A green shoot popping out of a blackened tree trunk, a fern growning in the ashes, birds flying amongst the bare tree tops.

Regeneration I represents those signs of renewed life in a devastated landscape.

It has been created as a reminder that we can all bounce back from adversity. Things may feel a little different but there is much to be celebrate if we look beyond the ashes.

Handcrafted in 9ct yellow gold, this one of a kind pendant is set with Queensland boulder opal, champagne diamond, green sapphire and blue spinel.

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